ProNC DNC software program for easy RS232 NC file transfer to CNC machines - free 60 day trial.

ProNC is a robust, simple, easy to use yet powerful dnc software program with CNC code editor, multi-tasking simultaneous RS232 CNC upload and download NC file transfer, dripfeeding and optional remote DNC file transfer. It has been specifically designed for communicating with a whole variety of different CNC machine tools and satisfies all your offline NC programming needs.
proeznc cnc dnc software for turning milling punching laser plasma edm applications ProNC will communicate with up to 64 CNC machines simultaneously - in either upload and download or remote DNC mode - you can mix and match configurations exactly to your CNC requirements.

ProNC's CNC explorer makes selecting, viewing and transferring your NC files so much easier - no more messing around looking for those NC programs - everything is viewed on a per CNC basis. Supports drag and drop file transfer too.
ProNC's standard Windows interface means operators will find it dead easy to use and supports multiple open editor windows, long file names, very large files and NC specific tools such as resequencing, desequenicng, maths manipulation of NC code and real-time DNC status of all CNC machines, built in security so you can Restrict User Access to only vital functions. Database for storing program information.

You get a 60 day free-trial of our software program, it's a fully functional demo version with absolutely nothing disabled so you can really see how good it is...
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Standard Windows interface for easy use

  • multiple code windows, cut, copy, paste, unlimited undo and redo
  • user definable color coded block words
  • unlimited filesize / long filenames
  • search and replace
  • can be used standalone or on a network
  • support for paper tape - including man readable headers
  • merge multiple files to disk or direct to DNC
  • drag and drop files direct to DNC
  • file finder
  • included predefined settings for many popular CNC machines
  • side by side file compare
  • CNC explorer interface - organise your NC files by CNC rather than by folders
  • CNC database - store extra info such as memo, job, drawing or rev number
  • CNC database - store standard times for a job - perform what-ifs
  • CNC scheduler queues files for transfer - single, multiple and number of times
  • CNC status shows exactly what's happening with your transfers
  • View screenshots of our dnc software  >> Click Here
NC mass editing tools

  • resequence / desequence
  • insert / remove spaces
  • delete blank lines
  • math functions on all axes
Simple to use bi-directional dnc file transfer

  • send and receive files simultaneously between your CNC and your computer
  • simultaneous file transfers com 1 to 128
  • serial drivers optimized for Win2000, ME, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 : works on both 32 & 64
  • baud rates 150 to 460800 (plus you can set a custom baud)
  • supports multi-port cards, ethernet/wireless serial devices, usb to RS232 devices.
  • terminal mode with character debug for setting up
  • inbuilt DNC wizard protocol analyzer
  • tool restart after toolbreak feature
  • send in block, chunk or binary transfer mode
  • send multiple files feature
  • shows real time file transfer
Setup Group Access Restrictions

  • You can create different Group profiles easily
  • Restrict :- File Creation, Modification and Saving
  • Restrict :- Send and Receive from CNC, edit RS232 settings
  • Restrict :- Database modifications
Advanced Remote DNC file transfer (Optional)

  • send and receive files direct from your CNC machine
  • simultaneous file transfers com 1 to 128
  • any CNC can be either remote DNC or simple transfer - mix & match
  • autoname function - uses your NC program header as filename
  • get files from any directory on your PC or network - use file and folder aliasing
  • simple commands such as /GET and /DUMP to transfer remotely
Supports dripfeeding

  • RTS/CTS and XON/XOFF handshaking protocols
  • Heidenhain blockwise frip-feeding
  • Haas XModem drip-feeding
  • handshaking uses CPU interrupt or serial-port polling for fast response
Support for the vast majority of CNC types

  • ASCII - EIA - ISO codeset protocol support - ** Note Mazatrol not supported **
System requirements

  • Requires at least a pentium 400 and 128 mb ram, Windows 2000, ME , XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 to fully exploit the database functions - (This is approx 8.5 MB size)
  • Will run on Win95 and 98, but we no longer recommend such old and flaky O/S

    Questions ?

    If you are still using Windows 95/98 First Edition then you may need to download these Microsoft files >> and unzip them into your Windows\System directory

    Existing v1x, v2x and v3x users will need to purchase an upgrade code to v4x before proceeding
    - existing keys will not work (prior to approx 2004).

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