ProNC DNC software program for easy RS232 NC file transfer to CNC machines - free 60 day trial.

ProNC CNC Database lets you store additional information about an NC or G-code file. Usually the only way you can store information about a program is within the filename itself. That's OK, but often it would be great if you could store much more info about the program. The catalog allows you to store info about the job-number, the drawing-number, op-number, keywords, and a large memo field allowing you to make notes about a specific job or part.
ProNC Database Catalog
You can set ProNC up so that everytime you save a file away in the nc code editor, it will load the database, creating a record for the file if it does not exist already, or automatically moving to that record so that you can then type in the info you need.
Once you have the info in the database, then it is really easy to find a part or parts. Save time scratching your head wondering where you stored the code or what it's for. You can search the database by filename, by keyword, by job number or drawing number.
CNC Database - ListView In listview it's easy to just scroll down the list of files and see the additional information
ProNC Database Catalog
CNC Database - Cost Details This allows you to setup a CNC rate per hour, and a setup rate per hour applicable to this particular CNC cost center you have chosen. You can then allocate a maching time and setting time so that it will give you a cost for this op.
ProNC Database Catalog - Cost Details
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