ProNC DNC software program for easy RS232 NC file transfer to CNC machines - free 60 day trial.

ProNC - CNC Explorer lets you view your files by CNC rather than laboriously opening file dialog boxes.  Open or send any file simply by clicking an icon, or drag and drop any file to any of your CNC's in the left hand window. Also supports drag and drop from external programs such as Windows Explorer.
CNC Explorer - easily find NC Code files  - organize your cncs
The left hand pane shows the list of CNC's that you have setup. You can also set the CNCs into cell groups. The files are shown in the right hand pane, and automatically look in the folder you setup, along with the default file extension you setup. You can look on your hard drives, on network drives and have any file extension that you require
Filters - By default, ProNC shows all the files in the right hand pane that you have set as the default. You can also apply filters to find specific file types.
CNC Explorer Filters
View - ProNC shows the files in the right hand pane. You can opt to view any folders too. And you can select a field out of the CNC database to show extra info too.
CNC Explorer View
Info Field - ProNC has a built in CNC database that lets you store extra information about a file. You can select a single field out of this database to show in the explorer pane. This is useful as it gives more information than you get from just the filename, such as drawing number, job number or keywords etc.
DNC Setup wizard for easy CNC setups
Open - lets you quickly open up a file into the ProNC editor. You can also create a new file from with explorer.
Send - just select any file in the explorer pane, and click the send icon. Or you can drag any file from the explorer pane and drop it onto any of the CNC machines in the right hand pane. In addition, you can drag and drop from any external program such as Windows Explorer.
Receive - just select any file in the explorer pane, and click the receive icon to receive a file from your CNC.
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